“For me, cooking is the ability to transform a fruit of nature into pure emotion”

Artisan chef trained in different types of international cuisine whose main objective is to offer a personalized gastronomic experience influenced by the combination of flavors and techniques of the world.

My passion for cooking came to me at an early age when I sneaked into the kitchen of my family restaurant and discovered the great world of flavors.
I started working at a young age and ever since I continue to cultivate my culinary curiosity for the different cuisines of the world.
The result is 20 years of passionate career, learning and traveling at the same time,

I strive to bring a “feeling of being very close to nature” to my cuisine, so that diners can experience all the freshness and aromas of the food from different parts of the world.

Throughout my travels and experiences, 3 fundamental pillars have been formed in my kitchen that would be the basis of Mediterranean cuisine, with great influence of Italian cuisine, followed by Oriental cuisine such as Lebanese and Persian to continue with one of my passions that is Asian cuisine in particular Japanese.


To be able to achieve a good knowledge of the products and techniques of other gastronomies, continuous training is necessary, which I have never neglected doing stages in European fusion restaurants such as the Aspinalls Crown (London), (Germany), Izakaya Asian bar & kitchen (Amsterdam), face-to-face courses in Thailand and distance courses such as Nutritional Coach, to offer solid bases when it comes to build custom menus that best meet the needs and preferences of the client.

Being aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle increasingly present in our days, at this point in my career I see the need and urgency of a new awareness and ecological culture around the food system, health, consumption, nutrition and environmental balance. Under this vision, I advocate the search for new models that facilitate the dissemination of a more conscious, healthy, sustainable, creative and fair diet.