“For me cooking is to amaze, trying to create festivals of flavors in the customer’s palate.”

I am a young Italian cook, who has established himself in kitchens around the world. My aim is to satisfy the customer and make him happy through my technical skills to manipulate raw materials, creating pure emotions on the palate.

My interest in cooking dates back to my childhood, my grandmother was my inspiration, i passed him the gnocchi in the fork as a child. I have a memory that after a family lunch in the mountains in the Dolomites, northern Italy, where I come from, at
the age of 10 I had already found my profession. That is to become a Chef!

The hotel school in Merano gave me the basis and then my resourcefulness and my great courage made me, year after year, season after season, absorb like a sponge all the knowledge transmitted by my colleagues and chefs!

Traveling the world, hungry for curiosity, I got such an experience that my palate changed. Initially I expressed the cuisine that I carry in my heart, Italian cuisine, then traveling between London, Dubai and Formentera.

Michael Bernocchi_3

To be able to achieve a good knowledge of the products and techniques of other gastronomies, continuous training is necessary, which I have never neglected doing stages in European fusion restaurants such as the Aspinalls Crown (London), Riva-duesseldorf.com (Germany), Izakaya Asian bar & kitchen (Amsterdam), face-to-face courses in Thailand and distance courses such as Nutritional Coach, to offer solid bases when it comes to build custom menus that best meet the needs and preferences of the client.

Being aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle increasingly present in our days, at this point in my career I see the need and urgency of a new awareness and ecological culture around the food system, health, consumption, nutrition and environmental balance. Under this vision, I advocate the search for new models that facilitate the dissemination of a more conscious, healthy, sustainable, creative and fair diet.